I'm a youth pastor in Fall River, MA and I really love the videos you made. Is there
any way that you could send me a DVD copy to use with my kids?   My teens
absolutely love the videos and I plan to use it with the younger kids as well.  

I was looking for another version of this song (
I Am the Way) and now I can't get this
out of my mind. Great visuals. Inspirational puppets. It'll lead our worship team
through some new paths I'm sure. Thanks. P.   Melbourne Australia

This is one of the best Christian pop/rock songs produced (
I Am the Way). What a fun
and silly video!! I love the Bible playing drums!   USA

Christian puppets???  that bible rocks on the drums! (
I Am the Way).   USA

I love this song. (
More)  Cute video!  USA

great :D  (
You Found Me)  United Kingdom

hahahha that's pretty awesome. (
I Want to Know You)   Canada

I just keep on enjoying this song. Inspirational. What fortunate church kids you
have. Would love to see more. (
I Am the Way)  Australia

Great Song and Enjoyable Video!   (
I Want to Know You)  USA

wow! love the song... i really should get some mark schultz!!  where's the drummer
monster puppet from??
(You Are A Child of Mine)  United Kingdom

LOL! Pretty creative way to spread the Gospel. Whatever works I guess. Nice job.
I Am the Way).   USA