The ASM Katrina Relief Team was back in New Orleans again in 2007.  On this trip the group got to experience a Revival for Jesus in the  Ninth Ward,  pay a
visit to Fema trailer park (Renaissance Village) in Baton Rouge, do demolition work in fire station #7 in  downtown New Orleans, as well as in a christian
broadcasting TV station.  The team also installed insulation in in one home, and did interior and exterior imrovements in another.  The highlight was clearing and
demolition of an entire house to the ground, in the town of Buras. And then being treated to a true southern style crab boil.
Just one year since the storm, the region was still mostly in a state of full devastation. Basic services in many areas were still months away from being
established.  Most of the neighborhoods were still abandoned.  Our ASM team spent the working portion of the trip demucking and gutting homes for eight
families.   The work was hard, the weather hot with about 90% humidity.  But the support from the community and people we crossed paths with, only
encouraged us to want to come back again.
The ASM Katrina Relief Team returned to New Orleans again this year, 61 members strong,  bringing the ASM spirit of service to others and
willingness to share the love of Jesus Christ. This years team left it's own mark on the people of the region.  We helped a local elementary school get
its new collection library books ready for the new school year.   We did interior demos of several homes, including a complete demo of a home in
Port Sulphur, LA to the ground, which included salvaging as much of the reusable wood as we could.  This trip also included helping a local
organization with distribution and installation of compact fluorescent lights to a variety of New Orleans residents, allowing us a wonderful
opportunity to get out and talk to people.  As a special treat, our team was featured in a news story for a local TV station. (see below)
The 50 member ASM Katrina Relief Team returned to New Orleans to continue with the groundwork laid during the three prior years.   The big change this
year was the switch from demolition to rebuilding.  We did everything from installing drywall, mudding and taping, painting, building staircases, installing
doors, and laying tile.   While also cleaning some yards, doing exterior finish work, and also prepping a site for pouring concrete sidewalks and driveways.   
When there was some free time at a given site, team members headed out into the neighborhoods, to talk with the residents about their experiences during the
storm, while also taking opportunities to discuss the Gospel.  A new set of terrific memories from our adventure in the Big Easy.
TOP VAN - New Orleans 2008
As the van drivers were using walkie talkies to communicate with while
we were caravaning around the New Orleans region,  we quickly adopted
nicknames for each driver with a Top Gun movie theme flavor.  Using that
as a guide this driver tribute was created.  Enjoy!   
WDSU-What Works - Christians Help Rebuild
When we returned to New Orleans in 2008 for another Katrina Relief missions trip, while
at the airport in New Orleans, I struck up a conversation with a reporter from channel 6
WDSU. She took my cell number and said someone might contact me during the week. The
station did call, and ended up doing a little feature on our missions team. It was quite a treat
to see ourselves on the local news.