The Dating Game 2011 Round 2

We turn the tables and now a Bachelorette
This year we offered up the full program on
get to choose her date from three very
unusual Bachelors. Who would you choose?

The Dating Game 2011 Round 1

In round one our Bachelor chooses his date
from three very unique Bachelorettes.
Surprises from beginning to end. Enjoy! So
much show we needed two videos. Make
sure to check out round 2.

ASM Class of 2011 - your best days are just ahead

Our little video look back at the activities and
events the 2011 graduating high school students
New Years Eve Eve 2006 COUNTDOWN

ASM celebrated through the night leading up
to this video countdown, and the final 10 min
countdown to midnight. I had just joined ASM
and scrambled to pull together pictures and
video from middle, high school and college.  
This was the first, then vids followed for Eve
Eve events in '08 - 2011.
ASM Hoedown 2011

The 2011 version of the annual ASM
Hoedown! Yee-Haw! A leader
scavenger hunt, competitions, tasty
vittles, and square dancing rounded
out the event. What a great night!
This is the look back at pictures and video from 2011,
for the Alderwood Student Ministries high school
group. Featured as the countdown to midnight video
at the ASM New Years Eve Eve party on December
30th. Which was themed and set in 1977. Enjoy!