Dave'sVan ~ Van Riding Nawlins Style

Take a ride in my van, and at some point there's
always some in-flight entertainment. It makes
driving so much fun!!
ASM Mexico 2010 Bonus Reel

These clips from this year's mission trip, which
may or may not have made the highlight video
are always fun to watch on their own. Enjoy!

Nawlins 2009 Bonus Reel

'09 missions trip. While much of our time in the
Big Easy, was spent sweating and rebuilding
homes, we also found ways to just have a good The
always amusing random footage from the the time
together. You'll find us at Wal-Mart, Sonic and
various locations in and around downtown The
always amusing random footage from the the New
ASM New Years Eve Eve Countdown 2010

Taking a look back at the students, people
and places touched by ASM in 2010, and our
countdown to New Years Eve. Broom ball at
Highland Ice Arena and food,fun and games
in the Manor made for an awesome night!
The Dating Game 2010

This annual ASM event is created to look like the
old TV game show. With two contestants choosing
their 'date' from a selection of unique characters.
The full show was over an hour so we'll call this the
"Best Of the Dating Game." Enjoy!