Buddy Dog Productions as it is today was simply the marker I used to identify video
projects that I had worked on. And frankly that is still all it is.  BDP does not build, sell
or charge for anything.  The good Lord has blessed me with the ability to spin an idea
into video form, and I feel that's what keeps me centered on the message I'm trying to
convey.   And frankly that is still all it is.  Why the name you ask?  For those that know
me, Buddy was also our beloved pet, and my personal assistant. So thinking up the name
wasn't to challenging.   I never would have realized that what started as one simple "Hey
Dave" we've got this idea for a video, has grown into quite a collection of projects over
the years.  I'm excited that I am able to bring the whole pile together here.
For the technically inclined...
Buddy Dog Productions
What equipment do you use for filming and editing you ask?  Back in the early days and
being the lover of the Apple Computers, I used a PowerMac G3, edited with the original
iMovie software, and used a Sony Handycam.    Not much has changed since, other than
ramping up capabilities.  Currently I'm currently using a G5 PowerMac,  iMovieHD, and
a new more compact generation of Sony Handycam and a Flip UltraHD.  1.6GB of RAM
memory does the processing, and I maintain four terabytes of hard drive space to store
and edit the video data.
Why?  Why not!
As noted on the home page, much of the video work was done serving various ministries at
Alderwood Community Church.   Covering the full range, Children's as well as Student
Ministries (
ASM), holiday specials and events, and doing the full and ongoing series for our
Building For Life project. Over the years projects have spread to school events, as well as
live concerts capturing performances by some of our local bands.

Currently all videos have been converted to higher quality MPEG  
and  AVI files used with the embedded players from YouTube
TM which
offers high quality full screen  viewing and quick load up.

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