This is my little bonus treat for our newlyweds,
Tyler & Heidi Hagens. It wasn’t originally
planned, but when I came across the song, it just
called out “music video”. We all watched as their
relationship grew over the years, and knew this
day would come. I love you both very much!
Tyler & Heidi's Special Day
Wedding Day highlights from the ceremony for
Russell and Raquelle Marshall! It's been awhile
since I was asked  asked to film a wedding, and as
usual couldn't pass up doing a short music video.
As part of an ASM event in 2008, the local popular and
former band Dynamik, did a live performance for the
group at the Q Cafe in Seattle. Singer Pete Wilson
and guitarist Tim Kim are now part of Ivan & Alyosha.
Drummer Chris Sooter is now with Lybecker. I had
somehow wound up with this raw footage, and figured
it would be fun to post it.
Dynamik ~ Live at the Q Cafe
RYAN & CHELSEA ~ the Wedding Day

Friends and family joined this fun wedding
celebration for Ryan and Chelsea!  Held at the Black
Raven Brewery in Redmond, WA.  The couple didn't
want all the attention and fluff of a big wedding.  But
something instead, just like this!  
The Marshall's Special Day