I Am The Way
Featuring the music of
Mark Schultz ©2000 Myrrh Records /

This was the very first Power Puppets
video.  It was shot in the church
sanctuary and parking lot. We were
just looking to do something fun to
show in our 1st thru 5thgrade Sunday
The Upper Room. Teaching
the Bible to play drums was quite the

Puppeteers:  Kent Oliver and
Steve Breeden
filmed in 2001
I Want To Know You
Featuring the music of
Sonic Flood ©1999 Gotee Records

After the fun we had making the first
Power Puppets video, we were ready
for a sequel.  This time adding the full
band.  We were back in the sanctuary,
but also outside in various locations.  
We pulled off the spinning singer shot
holding a puppet out the car window
with the camera shooting across the
roof, and driving the car around in a

Puppeteers:  Kent Oliver,
Steve Breeden,
Ryan Danekas, Marissa Danekas,
Kyle Oliver, Wendy Oliver,
Clare Cosper
filmed in 2002
You Found Me
Featuring the music of
FFH ©2003 Essential Records

This time around we decided to
change locations, and moved to the
former student ministries room "Studio
36".  It provided us with a stage and
lighting, with more reverse lighting
effect shots.  We also shot at an
espresso counter and various
outdoor shots.  The "pit of despair"
look came from Ryan laying on the
floor holding the puppet up, while I
stood on a ladder shooting it from

Puppeteers:   Steve Breeden,
Ryan Danekas, Marissa Danekas,
Kaitlin Breeden, Owen Breeden
filmed in 2003

Featuring the music of Matthew West
©2004 Universal South Records LLC

We had taken one year off, and
decided it was time for a new Power
Puppet entry. Due to scheduling
conflicts we didn't use our normal
puppeteers. This time I put the lead
puppet on and had Ryan behind the
camera. The piano shots were done in
the sanctuary, outdoor solo shots in
my backyard. The lead puppet on the
street with the choir, was out in the
church parking lot. Marissa and Cassie
each did two puppets. More was a
softer and deeper song than we
previously had done.

Puppeteers: Dave Danekas,
Ryan Danekas, Marissa Danekas,
Cassie Christman
filmed in 2005
You are a Child of Mine

Featuring the music of Mark Shultz
©2005 Word Records
This was our last entry of the Power
Puppets series. I was happy to do
another Mark Shultz song, since his
material is what we chose for the first
video. In just about an hour
and half we did all the filming.
Kent was lead, Ryan was in the
monster suit playing the drums.
Kent and Kyle created the lead
guitarist, and Ryan and Kyle did
the backup singers behind Kent's
We had fun also doing the middle
part with the puppet pastor with a
small congregation.

Puppeteers: Kent Oliver,
Ryan Danekas, Kyle Oliver
filmed in 2006