The Change of Heart Man
While stopping by a fast food joint in New Orleans
during the ASM 2009 missions trip, we happened
across David Montana, who wrote the post
Hurricane Katrina poem "The Change of Heart
Man", and also performed it for us.
ACC Marina Beach Baptisms 2012
Eleven people came to Marina Beach this year, to be
baptized in Puget Sound. It was a little windy, but
the rain stayed away. It was an honor to film the
event for this year's group.   This vid was also
shown in the church Sunday services 9/9/12.   This
is an annual event held each summer by Alderwood
Community Church.
ACC Mother Daughter Tea 2014

Filmed for the 2014 Mother Daughter Tea event at
Alderwood Community Church. Moms and
daughters were interviewed, sharing their thoughts
and insights about their relationships.
LNC&S 25 years - An Anniversary

Hit the milestone of 25 years working for L.N. Curtis & sons.
They asked if I'd do a kinda fireside chat for the team, about
my time here. I wasn't too keen for that, so created this self
filmed retrospective instead.