ASM Christmas Bells

A little Christmas musical cheer from
Brynn, Ty, and Clare, aka "Handbells
Messiah" as they perform some
holiday favorites. On the bells! Filmed
at the ASM Christmas Party. Enjoy!
Mountlake Terrace HS Cheer '09

liking this year's squad a whole lot.
Again, no bias what-so-ever.
Brier Elementary Class of 2005

How about a little look back in time? I
made this little vid for their graduation
to middle school. There are certainly
some young familiar faces to be found
from the Brier Elementary Sixth Grade
Class of 2005, which is now your high
school CLASS OF 2011. Enjoy!
Mountlake Terrace Homecoming Game 2010

From the 2010 gridiron match-up of the From the
2010 gridiron match-up of the Mountlake Terrace
Hawks! Features: Cheerleaders, the
Homecoming Court, Supersonic, Football
players, and yes, the crowd. Way to go Hawks!
Superbowl Celebration Parade 2014

700,000+ Seahawks fans took to the streets of
downtown Seattle Wednesday 2/5/14 to
celebrate winning Superbowl XLVIII.  This vid
captures the sights and sounds of this
awesome and very cold day.